The Case for Torrey Smith

Going into last week, the official Money in the Banana Stand entries were 42-4 in the NFFC. And then the unthinkable happened. Kenny Britt … done for the year.

How do you replace a player like Kenny Britt?

I took the first step a week ago by bidding aggressively on David Nelson and Denarius Moore in any leagues where they were available. It’s always important to address injuries preemptively. If you wait until you actually need a player, the odds you’ll find the right fit on the wire that week are slim.

This week I employed the same strategy for Torrey Smith. Most of the websites I perused suggested Torrey Smith would be the No. 1 waiver pickup, but there was a secondary implication. He would be the No. 1 pickup only because every league would feature at least one rube who didn’t understand Smith’s performance was a fluke.

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