Omaha! Omaha! – Week 4

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I want winners – not elite players

Ryan Tannehill was considered a reach by most pundits because he isn’t a winner. He purportedly made key mistakes that cost his Texas A&M team in crunch time last year. No doubt, he was also responsible for Miami’s unlikely loss to the Cardinals. Sure, Tannehill stood tall and made laser throw after laser throw to Brian Hartline and Davone Bess in the hostile environment of the absurdly named University of Phoenix Stadium with the swarming Arizona defense closing in all around him. But, really, what’s more predictive? His general brilliance or the two huge turnovers at the end of regulation and early in OT? I, for one, would much rather have winners, guys like Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow. Now those two guys couldn’t manage a point against San Francisco, but, had they been capable of keeping the game close, there’s no doubt they would have magically won in the end.

Three plays from 1-3 and yet still underrated

With young defenses rising up and old quarterbacks largely struggling before their Week 4 breakouts, this season threatens to feature even more parity than usual. For all the talk about parity, in recent history there’s usually been a bigger gap between the Super Bowl champion and the team with the first pick than the latter and the team that won the BCS. The Dolphins and the Cardinals played on Sunday and put up another such testament. Arizona is now 4-0 against a brutal schedule. With Kevin Kolb and an overmatched offensive line, it’s impressive they’ve been in any of their four games much less undefeated. On the other hand, they’re three plays from being 1-3. The Dolphins are two plays from being 3-1, and since one of those plays overlaps, you’d only have to change four total plays for Arizona to be 1-3 and Miami 3-1. That would change the narrative about each franchise quite a bit, but it wouldn’t change the fact that both teams appear to be on the rise.

If only cheating were easier play-calling wouldn’t be such a headache

Every time I decide I’m wrong about Pete Carroll – that I should let go of his flight from USC with a complete and utter lack of dignity – the Seahawks put together an effort like the one on Sunday. Maybe someone should inform Carroll that the NFL cannot be coached as though you’re running college team with far superior talent. Counterintuitively, the Seahawks’ ultra-risk-averse strategy is one that puts you in position to lose to the St. Louis Rams. Free Russell Wilson! Continue reading Omaha! Omaha! – Week 4