Stupidity, Custer, and Peyton Manning as MVP

“For outright stupidity, the whole f—— trial goes shoulder to shoulder with that c——— Custer’s thinking when he went over that ridge.” –Al Swearengen, Deadwood


Evidently Peyton Manning is going to win this MVP thing by acclamation. Which, in case Al’s thinking on the matter wasn’t clear enough for you, or you’re not a history buff, is outright stupidity.

We’re going to put Manning’s MVP prospects on trial, but before we get into the quarterback comparisons, it’s worth noting that this would be a great year for a non-quarterback to win. In the modern era, only four players have rushed for at least 1000 yards and averaged 6.0 yards per carry. Those players make up a Who’s Who List of the Greatest of All Time: Jim Brown, Jamaal Charles, O.J. Simpson, and Barry Sanders. Adrian Peterson stands to join that list with a couple more good games. Moreover, the value of Peterson’s rushing prowess has been shocking. He’s doing the impossible, at least in the contemporary NFL. He’s carrying a team from the running back position. If the Vikings make the playoffs, it will be on his shoulders. And if they do, he should be the MVP.

Calvin Johnson is on pace to break Jerry Rice’s receiving yardage record, and while he’s done it on an epic number of pass routes, he’s not getting much help. The Lions have no running game and no other receivers. On the strength of Megatron’s brilliance, they rank No. 1 in the NFL in passing offense and second in total offense. They’ve also done it against the ninth toughest schedule according to FO. There’s a huge disparity in schedule strength this year and the slate of opposing defenses should be taken into consideration. Johnson won’t get many votes due to the Lions’ record, which is unfortunate since he’s not responsible for the series of backbreaking coaching gaffes that have cost Detroit game after game. FO ranks the Lions as the NFL’s 13th best team on per play basis, and they wouldn’t be in the Top 25 without Megatron. That’s the very definition of valuable. Continue reading Stupidity, Custer, and Peyton Manning as MVP