Future of the Banana Stand

You remind me of someone… a man I met in a half-remembered dream. He was possessed of some radical notions. – Saito

The Banana Stand has taken some time off recently to put together a plan for future world domination. (Not unlike what Clark Hunt has done with the Kansas City Chiefs.) I’ve got an Inception-style series of articles entitled The Death of Value-Based Drafting coming up this summer. And when I say Inception, I mean Imminent Paradigm Shift. In the meantime, here are a few things I recommend.

1. Frank DuPont, author of Game Plan and the Crop Report, is striking out on a new venture called Rotoviz.com. An extension of his groundbreaking work creating viable similarity scores for NFL players, this site is literally the future of fantasy sports (and not in the “I figuratively hate people who misuse the word literally” kind of way – it’s going to be that good). As if a new fantasy douche website could actually be any better, I’m also going to be providing some content.

2. You don’t need a subscription right now to read Pro Football Focus Fantasy Gold, which means you can read my 2012 archive free gratis (or just gratis if Al has his way). This season I wrote Advanced Targets and Advanced Touches on a weekly basis. At the risk of re-using literally, these columns are guaranteed to include the most in-depth breakdowns of advanced stat splits anywhere on the internet. I heartily recommend perusing these as the start of your 2013 preparation. (If you go back to the first month, you can see me make a fool of myself by cracking on Adrian Peterson and Randall Cobb right before they explode.)

3. If my comments on Cobb and Purple Jesus start to undermine your confidence, please read my most recent column Best in the World? where I put my 2012 high stakes fantasy results on display and suggest if we could somehow generate poker-style rankings for FF, yours truly would be No. 1. In all seriousness, there’s usually nothing more tedious than reading about somebody else’s fantasy teams – other than watching most of the movies nominated for Best Picture the last ten years – but hopefully this acts as something of a strategy session.

4. The Banana Stand is going to have a handful of forward-looking columns this month, including an in-depth look at the undervaluing of Geno Smith and the ridiculous hyperbole surrounding Joe Flacco‘s contract. (I would probably trade Flacco for Smith straight up, but that’s the Banana Stand for you.)


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