2013 Draft – Return to the Darkest Timeline

Constable: Those Blorgons nearly peppered our biscuits. We got out just in time.
The Inspector: More accurately, Constable, we got out just in space.


Over the last several months I’ve done a lot of work on the 2013 rookie class for RotoViz, the internet’s emerging football analytics power. Following the draft, I posted grades for each of the franchises as a means of aggregating the work done on the prospects by the entire RotoViz team.

A few of those pieces are experiencing existential crises of their own as they float helplessly in the vast stretches of ether. If you missed any of those columns, I hope this acts as a signpost to find your way. Click on the team names to get the full article on your franchise of choice, or on the other links to scout a future fantasy player.

If you’re looking for a strategy session on upcoming rookie drafts, take a quick gander at my contrarian review of the 2013 first round of the Pro Football Focus Dynasty IDP league.

Abed doesn’t see any reason to get all emotional about it, but he believes ten NFL squads have returned to the darkest timeline.

23) Miami Dolphins D+

Many still believe the Dolphins needs someone to push Lamar Miller other than the underwhelming Daniel Thomas. Mike Gillislee is all the rage in rookie drafts even though his comps don’t show up on NFL rosters.

24) Minnesota Vikings D+

Greg Jennings gives Minnesota a true intermediate receiver, and Jarius Wright may provide a deep threat. The Vikings agreed with Matthew Freedman on Cordarrelle Patterson, ignoring my worries over his market share miasma.

25) Dallas Cowboys D+

Dez Bryant is the superstar and Miles Austin the post-hype bounceback candidate. Terrance Williams probably doesn’t project as a fantasy viable player in his own right, but his presence should help the other receivers.

26) Tampa Bay Bucs D

This is a make-or-break season for Josh Freeman, but the Bucs didn’t make any progress drafting Mike Glennon. If Tampa wanted a Blaine Gabbert clone, they could have just waited for the 2014 offseason and picked up the real thing.

27) Carolina Panthers D-

The gap in perceived value between Gio Bernard and Kenjon Barner is surprising since the former Duck is probably the better player. Unless he can play WR, the Panthers still didn’t get a bargain. Cam Newton needs more opposite Steve Smith than Brandon LaFell.

28) Oakland Raiders F+

With a return to the power blocking scheme, Darren McFadden gets a big boost to his fantasy value. For all those concerned about his injury woes, Latavius Murray instantly becomes a fantasy sleeper. If you take Murray’s Pro Day numbers at face value, his Speed Score eclipses the incumbent. Even after a strong minicamp, Tyler Wilson doesn’t project as an immediate threat to Matt Flynn.

29) Philadelphia Eagles F

Zach Ertz may be a media creation. Matt Barkley doesn’t project as a future a star, but the Eagles see some Drew Brees.

30) New England Patriots F

Recent history suggests Bill Belichick can’t scout WRs. It may be the only thing he can’t do. Danny Amendola won’t face a lot of WR competition for targets from Tom Brady.

31) Jacksonville Jaguars F

The Jags drew some strange conclusions from their analytic work, but I applaud the effort. Meanwhile, Chad Henne projects as the Week 1 starter.

32) Buffalo Bills Z-

Time to stop blaming Buddy Nix and start worrying that new GM Doug Whaley was actually responsible for the egregious mistakes of the 2013 offseason. The Bills rank last despite selecting the underrated E.J. Manuel.


Shawn Siegele has finished in the Top 10 of the NFFC’s Main Event Classic for two consecutive seasons and is one of only a handful of players to own three or more Main Event league titles. He also contributes to Rotoviz and works as the Lead Redraft Writer for Pro Football Focus Fantasy.


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