Don’t Finish 3rd – Use RotoViz RB Cheat Sheet


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A lot more drafts coming up this weekend. If you haven’t already, I recommend signing up for PFF’s Going Deep. It’s the best game out there. Recently a bunch of industry heavyweights participated in a mock draft, and I have the breakdown in true contrarian style. Part 1 looks at Rounds 1-9, and Part 2 examines 10-18. Since you have to start 13 players in this format, figuring out a good approach to those late rounds is just as important.

Going Deep is probably best approached with a triple-RB strategy, or RB-RB-RB. If you go after your draft that way, it’s crucial to build in as much safety and upside as possible. Yesterday, I used the RotoViz RB Custom Cheat Sheet to project the Top 45 runners (rookies excluded). Ray Rice, Alfred Morris, and DeMarco Murray appeared to be very underrated options, while Adrian Peterson’s projection again trailed the RB1 pack.

And now a quick reminder of previous content…

Of course, if you don’t like projections based on what actually happened last year, RotoViz has another solution. They also have a RB Sim Score Lab where you can create your own hypothetical runner.  I recently used this tool to create complete projections for the Top 50 runners.

Part 1 RB1-RB20: In something of a shocker, Trent Richardson finished No. 1. I’d expect you to immediately move Cerberus to the top of your board, but if you check out the article and the methodology, I think you’ll find yourself a lot more willing to use a mid-first round pick on him. (And be excited to pounce if he falls toward the end of the round.) Jamaal CharlesDoug Martin, and C.J. Spiller all perform very well, while Adrian Peterson and Arian Foster struggle a little.

Part 2 RB21-50Lamar Miller leads this group, although he would have placed even higher if I hadn’t broken the players into two groups by current ADP. He’s joined near the top by David Wilson, or the World Turtle, as I like to call him. In this section we see players high profile and contentious players like Ryan MathewsChris Ivory, and Mark Ingram.

As a quick reminder, my two most popular posts on RotoViz continue to be Cecil Shorts, Stevie Johnson, and the 10 Most Undervalued Players, and Ryan Mathews, Jacquizz Rodgers, and How to Lose a Fantasy League in 10 Picks. Check them out on your way to a title.

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5 thoughts on “Don’t Finish 3rd – Use RotoViz RB Cheat Sheet”

  1. Was looking for some refreshing ff content and found the banana stand in the off season. My draft was a snake draft to start year 1 of a dynasty league, and my rankings and picks were heavily influenced by content you provided. I would like to post my starters for a half ppr league and just let you know i finished bottom of a 10 man league in pre-season power rankings (which doesnt bother me at all)

    qb1 – Wilson/Roethlisberger
    rb1 – CJ Spiller
    rb2 – T. Rich
    wr1 – Cobb (possible trap, but best man on the board)
    wr2 – Decker/S.Johnson/C.Shorts (depends who steps up)
    flex – MJD (personal preference pick)
    T/E – Witten (best available)

    I went rb-rb and late round qb (semi late with wilson, just because dynasty). I applied the banana stand strategy as best I could and I would like to say thanks for the content.

    1. I have been following your advice for a while. I paired your strategies with the line that you (or a fellow rotoviz) writer stated for auction drafts: “overpay for studs and pick upside for cheap.”
      Here is my team:
      QB: J. Cutler and A. Smith (love thier combined schedule)

      RB: D. Martin and T. Richardson
      RB Bench: D. Woodhead ,G. Bernard, B. Brown, and M. Ingram (got woodhead, brown, and ingram for $4 combined)

      WR: B.Marshall and D. Thomas
      WR Bench: M. Sanu and K.Thompkins (for a $1).

      TE: J. Cameron

      DEF: Bucs (playing Jets first round, Revis is back, if they underperform, play the ww).

      K: M. Bryant.

      I’m in a 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1flex, 1te league, standard scoring and my one concern is who to start at Flex… I should have spent a little more on a 3rd RB like Murray, Wilson, etc… But hindsight is 20/20. Here’s hoping to Thompkins or Bernard being breakouts so I can bench Ingram at Flex.

      Better yet, who would you start week 1 at Flex on my team? Remember, non ppr.

      1. Thanks, Allen. I love that you got two of my Top 5 running backs and two of my Top 5 wide receivers for your team. And you’re right, Cutler and Smith have a tremendous combined schedule.

        I like Bernard better than Ingram even in standard, but Ingram gets the Falcons in Week 1 so you might be able to sit Bernard and see how he looks against Chicago’s still feisty defense.

        1. Thanks for the advice. The one thing I love about the draft is how everyone else picked up Luck/RG3, or Stafford/Brees, etc leaving the only person without a top 10 quarterback. Now that the draft is over, I can pickup/drop whomever I want and unless they drop a top 10 qb, I have easy pickups every week. I’m still looking a Roth, Palmer, Dalton, and keeping my on Manuel as he has cakewalks during the playoffs. I’m playing QBBC essentially, and possibly DEF by committee. Will let you know how it turns out.

  2. Thanks, Dylan. I really appreciate it.

    Love the roster you’ve put together there and wouldn’t be surprised if Cobb ends up as your WR3. The preseason power rankings always kind of crack me up. I like to put my rosters into FBG Rate My Team app and see the negative responses. Several of my teams who’ve finished in the Top 10 of the NFFC have panned preseason (which isn’t a shot at FBG, just that contrarian strategies can be hard for simple systems to evaluate).

    Good luck in your league.

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